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Mission Research Laboratories was founded in 2005 and Mr. Balwan singh(cmd) started his career in 1984. An avid learner, with a spark and aptitude for entrepreneurship, he worked for 11 years with pharmaceutical companies prior to starting his own business venture of marketing medicines and has been continuing to serve the industry with all devotion ever since he first founded the parent company Tasmed India Pvt. Ltd. in 1993 and focusing on horizontal expansion, he founded Parasol India Pvt. Ltd. in 1997 specializing in Neurology and general medicines respectively. The company has since then been growing rapidly.

Mission Research is led by a highly qualified and capable Board of Directors and Corporate Executive Team that bring together expertise from a diverse array of fields with extensive experience in running successful enterprises.

“I planted a seed and watered it with my hard work and it has grown out to be a tree which serves all mankind. Despite the difficulties I encountered in life, I never lost focus and continued to strive for the goal I had envisioned even before I started this organization. I will never cease to believe in achieving the most impossible of the goals and I will give this company all that I can, till I can. The people in my company are not employees, but a moving force, My moving force, without whose help and dedication, we, as a family, would not have grown so much. And all of this would not have been possible if this force had not shared the same vision and contributed in it. I would rather have the organization work well than be in control, as choosing power over productivity is the last thing on my agenda. I want my actions to inspire people in my organization to dream more, learn more and implement more. My aim is not for the people in my organization to follow me, but for them to lead others in the right direction. There is nothing better than making my team believe in hard work, perseverance and dedication with strong ethical practices and values as there is no substitute for any of these.”

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